Moses B. Arthur is an acclaimed and award-winning author with some titles to his name. His current books are The Entrepreneur’s Journey: An Ideal Start-Up Guide and Understanding Systems Thinking; The Modern Art of Building Learning Organizations; written over a four years period! His illustrious work has put his name in the TOP 100 REVOLUTIONARY Ghanaian Writers of 2021 by the Africa Revolutionary Writers Awards.

MBA as affectionately called graduated with a degree in Development Planning from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. He has since taken to starting business ventures, writing his learnings and wisdom into books that have changed hundreds of thousands of lives across the globe in countries like Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Namibia, Germany, France, Rwanda, Morocco, the USA, the UK, the UAE, and his home country, Ghana.

Vusi Thebekwayo said of “His Excellency” as he affectionately calls him "I won’t shudder to say that Moses is daring for sharing all these secrets through his personal experience of failures and successes but I suppose his real passion of seeing others succeed alongside himself makes him a true success".

“Moses is a student of company systems - great ones, good ones, weak ones, and failed ones that is why the wisdom he shares in his books are so practical” Dr. Ubong King of blessed memory had this to say about Moses’s second book. Moses' greatest ambition as an author is to empower, enlighten and leave the world transformed through the power of his words. Dream. Dare. Do! Moses' life is built on these three words.