Moses B. Arthur embarks on a profound exploration of the Seven Universal Currencies in this new book.

Beginning with the foundational principles of leverage, he introduces four crucial assets for attaining maximum achievement. The journey unfolds to encompass the boundless power of the mind, delving into the intricate layers of consciousness and unveiling concealed triggers. Time is scrutinised in all its phases, while the radiance of light is harnessed as a transformative currency. Relationships, interwoven with the fabric of social capital, emerge as a potent force.

This book transcends into the spiritual realm, where the currency of God/Grace is illuminated, offering profound insights into faith's role in business and the principles governing divine wealth. It concludes with exploring the universal currency of money, tracing its historical evolution and unveiling essential strategies for attracting wealth and cultivating sound financial habits.

Understanding Systems Thinking: The Modern Art of Building Learning Organizations

We are ambivalent about systems. We have a natural progression towards disorder and randomness.

Perhaps it’s because we accurately sense the injustice in the world systems and/or are comfortable with being in a state where we do not need to exert time and resources to better ourselves and organizations that although may not thrive, stay afloat due to past successes. But to stay afloat is not enough. Deep inside we acknowledge the need to upgrade. We are ready to learn, although we do not like being taught.

I present to you a body of work years in the making. A necessary venturing into the unknown. Principles & Ideals that are artfully presented to light your path as an individual and organization

The Entrepreneur’s Journey: An Ideal Start-Up Guide

Having the right foundation as an entrepreneur when starting your business, as well as the right mindset to maintain it is something that cannot be overemphasized. Starting a business is bigger than just being a boss or managing the business.

Starting a business is very much hinged on the knowledge consummated in the thought pattern and construct of the one who wants to start it as well as the boldness to enter into the venture because that would be the very foundation of that business.

And that is why you need this masterpiece to switch up your knowledge level to produce great results in your output level.