August 5, 2022
The Idea of GODS & GARDENS In Our Lives…

Understand that “Gods” are belief systems. Things we have been taught to be belive. These belief systems are learnt. Everything we believe, we are taught. The belief systems that anchor how we think and how we see the world are systems that are taught to us and learnt by us..
Once you are taught and believe in something, you internalize it. The internalization of a belief system makes it fixed. These are the God’s that run our lives.

“Gardens” are places of constant pruning, changing shapes, places we understand, nurture and fertilize.
Belief systems should be gardens and not Gods. They should be something that are constantly being pruned, nurtured etc.
Belief systems should not be fixed, rather it is principles that should be fixed. Example – I will not lie is a principle. The belief then would be because lying makes me a bad person.

The bigger question is

what are the “Gods” in your life? What are the beliefs you hold soo fixed that you don’t see the world in any other lense except that lense.

Thank you @tedxspintex and the Team at @hyperlinkmediaafrica . Last Friday was a dream come true.

Love & Light ❤️